The VISION of Catalyst Muse is to contribute effectively to thriving economic, cultural, and natural ecosystems by working with clients to achieve their most ambitious goals. 

The MISSION of Catalyst Muse is to use stimulating processes that help our clients harness the power of imagination and apply it to the business of innovation and change.


Kim Zanti

Founding Director

Kim served for seven years at the Centers for Research on Creativity (CRoC) founded by the late Dr. James Catterall in Los Angeles, California. She started as a project coordinator and was promoted to Associate Director after leading to fruition many simultaneous, longitudinal, multi-method research studies. She contributed to research design and field work, wrote and edited project reports, and coordinated team efforts in the US and abroad with clients on the forefront of progressive education, such as Alameda County Office of Education, American Chinese Foundation, Educational Theatre Association, Royal Blind School of Edinburgh, Scotland, The Wooden Floor, and Tree People, among others.

As an executive or managing director, she has led several organizations towards fiscal, organizational, and programmatic health, including Get Lit-Words Ignite, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Pacific Resident Theatre, Urban Possibilities, and Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. In the corporate arena, she has served in a variety of capacities. For Namebase Brand Naming Specialists, she was the creative team lead and senior namer for projects such as KIA Motor Cars (Sorento, Rondo), UPS (The UPS Store), and Kodak Prinergy; for W.L. Gore & Associates, she served as a researcher in the medical products library and as an associate on the marketing team of the waterproof, breathable CastLiner product line. The constant throughout Kim’s diverse career is a laser focus on the alignment of resources to vision, supported by an ability to ask questions, challenge conventional thinking, and combine ideas in new ways that provide gateways to growth. Her inclusive leadership style, across professional arenas, encourages the deepest thinking and most useful ideas to surface.

She launched Catalyst Muse Innovation & Change Consultants in 2020 and is pursuing a Masters degree in Creativity and Change Leadership (‘21) at Buffalo State College, SUNY. Kim lives in Topanga, California, where she co-founded Topanga Authors’ Group and the Transport Topanga Literary Festival.

Gabby Arenge

Senior Associate​, Research

Gabby is a thought leader on multi-method research design, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and data visualization. 

She is deeply committed to understanding and supporting educational approaches that foster creative problem solving, critical thinking, active citizenship, and grassroots-led sustainable development. As an educational researcher and program designer, she has more than seven years experience leading, designing and researching education initiatives in Botswana, England, Kenya, Scotland, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States in partnership with non-profits, multi-lateral institutions, and research centers. 

Gabby serves as a Real-time Scaling Lab Researcher with the Brookings Institution’s Center for Universal Education and Millions Learning project and a Curriculum Specialist with Young 1ove in Botswana. She completed an MPhil in Education and a BA in Psychology, Public Policy & Community Action, and Art. Gabby is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge with a focus on the processes of teacher professional learning and pedagogical change at scale.

Dr. Sherry J. Kerr

Senior Associate, Facilitation & Research
Sherry Kerr Portrait

Dr. Kerr facilitates innovation and creativity sessions by mixing expertise and rigor with spontaneity and passion for transformative experiences. 

She facilitates workshops and courses in the US and China on teaching methods that foster creativity and innovation. She has taught master classes at Harvard University, New York University, and Brock University (Canada), to name a few, and has worked with hundreds of teachers in over fifty schools from Los Angeles to New York, New Orleans to Detroit, from graduate level to grammar school. She applies current research on the adolescent brain to dynamic arts-infused learning strategies that engage diverse learners, even the most reluctant.

She received her EdD from the University of California Los Angeles and her BA from Louisiana State University. She received pre- and post-graduate arts and drama instruction at University of Central England, Oxford University, London Regents College and the London Shakespearean Studio.

Dr. Kerr was nominated for best actress 2019 for her role in “Saint Ester Day” at the Louisiana Film Prize.  She is currently working on a documentary to commemorate the centennial celebration of the Shreveport Little Theatre. She served on the Robinson Film Center Board, the Meadows Museum, and The Shreveport Little Theatre.

Tamee' Seidling

Senior Associate, Finance
Tame Saidling Portrait

Tamee´ Seidling is a certified, bonded tax preparer for the state of California and maintains a roster of bookkeeping clients in the small business, public benefit, entertainment, and music industries. Tamee´studied theatre at California State University at Northridge and graduated summa cum laude. She has performed and presented theatre for adult and youth audiences throughout Los Angeles, where she lives. 


Karen Burkett, Business Strategist
Rebecca Catterall, Educator and Researcher
Prescott Frost, Regenerative Agriculture Innovator
Oleg Kagan, Writer and Librarian
Christine McGrath, Designer and Technology Consultant

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