Our clients are

Public Benefit Corporations

Catalyst Muse empowers public benefit organizations to generate new ideas, unique perspectives, and renewed energy towards achieving their missions. For both facilitation and research, we draw upon inquiry-based techniques rooted in theory and proven in practice. In doing so, we help clients sustain their commitment to the public good.

Clients have come to us for facilitations in these areas:

  • Leading and Hosting Conversations
  • Organizational Structure Review
  • Strategic Development and Fundraising
  • Leadership Succession and Development
  • Change Management
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Evaluation and Research

What do you seek to change? Get in touch.  We’d love to hear your story.

Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Bringing a creative vision or creative product to life takes laser focus and often a collaborative partner. Catalyst Muse acts as that partner, bringing a foundation of insight, good questions, and right intention applied strategically to the challenge at hand. Here are a few examples of our clients and the projects that we’ve worked on together:

Good Behavior and Audacity: Humanist Education, Performing Arts, and a Generation of Genius by author educator Robin Lithgow. Catalyst Muse and Precocity Pressed teamed up to explore options for independent, self, and traditional publishing. We then laser focused on traditional publishing as the best match for the author. Working collaboratively with Lithgow, we shaped a plan that would position and present this brilliant manuscript effectively to traditional publishers. The plan and the manuscript captured the imagination and attention of several respected editors and is in review.

The one-man show ‘Blank,’ written and performed by Brian Stanton, tells the story of his adoption. Catalyst Muse worked with Stanton and Lone Star Ensemble to create this plan that would launch ‘Blank’ from the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood, California to touring the United States and Canada. 

The concept was to present Vivek Nagrani’s hand crafted Italian socks to editors of prominent lifestyle magazines as sushi on a plate, complete with chopsticks. As a photograph, the concept garnered coverage, with the image, in 
Robb Report, and Angeleno Magazine, propelling the lifestyle brand VK Nagrani from Venice Beach to New York City, achieving Nagrani’s dream for his burgeoning company. 

How can we work together? Let’s start with a conversation. 

Civic Groups

Civic groups provide invaluable community services that directly impact health, safety, and quality of life. Catalyst Muse empowers these groups to harness their passion, know how, and wisdom to fulfill their missions in a changed world. 

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