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Public Benefit Corporations

Tax exempt entities, or ‘non-profits,’ are incorporated as 501(c)3 public benefit corporations. So, why do we refer to them as ‘non-profits?’ This ubiquitous term focuses on why these entities don’t exist (to generate profit for shareholders) instead of why they do exist — to provide public programs and services in the arts, sciences, education, health, and for humanitarian, environmental, and planetary causes.

Catalyst Muse focuses on the benefits of these corporations. We empower our clients to generate new ideas, unique perspectives, and renewed energy towards their missions. We use a multi-method approach, drawing upon an array of inquiry-based techniques anchored in theory and proven in practice as effective frameworks for inspired action.  Our purpose is to help clients meet the complex challenges of sustained commitment to the public good.

Our clients have come to us for assistance in these areas:

  • Organizational Structure Review
  • Strategic Development and Fundraising
  • Leadership Succession and Development
  • Change Management
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Evaluation and Research

And, we are open to new challenges. If you don’t see your situation reflected in this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our approach is flexible and translates to most needs.

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Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Are you passionate about a dream, idea, vision, a work-in-progress? Are you working alone or with a dedicated team that is experiencing blocks to creativity? Maybe you feel like everyone needs a break for reflection. To regroup and reconsider your situation from a new angle. Yet, how can you participate in a process, without the responsibility of leading it?

Outside facilitation ensures that everyone on the team, or, the creative working alone can dream, design, and create. Catalyst Muse shapes an environment that feels safe, spontaneous, and productive. A place where ideas, emotions, thoughts, and possibilities flourish.

Our clients include:

  • entrepreneurs + entrepreneurial teams
  • authors
  • musicians
  • actors
  • teaching artists
  • educators

To confidentially explore the possibilities of working with us, begin here.

Civic and community groups provide invaluable services that directly impact health, safety, and quality of life. Like any group united around a common purpose, innovation happens when challenges, obstacles, and problems are addressed collectively. With deep experience as leaders and volunteer members of many community groups, the Catalyst Muse team is skilled at helping our clients to change, grow, and deepen their impacts.

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