We design our services to harness the power of imagination and apply it to the business of change.  

Opportunity And Transition Concept


Change is hard.  It requires shared vision, commitment, and teamwork. It also requires creativity, which in its simplest, most widely accepted definition, means the generation of new and useful ideas. But new ideas are often overlooked without a process in place to cultivate and accelerate them into workable solutions. 

Catalyst Muse shapes a process to generate and build on new ideas in a judgment free environment.  We blend in humor and trust, so that participants build on each other’s ideas and take imaginative leaps that lift the deepest thinking to the surface, shedding new light on complex challenges, problems, and opportunities. 

At the core of our facilitations is Creative Problem Solving (CPS), which weaves together divergent and convergent thinking into a powerful, productive process. In other words, CPS makes space for ideas of all kinds to emerge in large quantities. From wacky and silly to obvious and practical, new thoughts are used as material for participants to pause, consider, and select those that hold the most promise.

It’s natural for humans to solve problems, and CPS’s
 simple structure leaves space to layer in different tools and techniques to create a custom experience designed to meet each client’s needs.  Click here for a better understanding of how the basic CPS process works. 

Power Of Ideas


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Network Connection Success


Like facilitation, ethnographic research, similar to facilitation, starts with asking questions. We We begin with discovery, where we learn more about the client’s goals and what they seek to understand. We collaboratively design the study with the client employing multiple quantitative and qualitative methods, including developing customized assessments. We then plan and implement data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. A Catalyst Muse study results in key insights, findings, and recommendations that richly inform decision making.

Our team has worked together for almost a decade, beginning at the Centers for Research on Creativity, founded by the late Dr. James Catterall, where our clients included the Alameda County Office of Education, Collaborations: Teachers and Artists, Educational Theatre Association, Inner-City Arts, Louisiana A+ Schools, P.S. ARTS, Royal Blind School of Scotland, The Wooden Floor, The Walt Disney Company, and Tree People.  

In addition to creativity, we investigate
 related dispositions, attitudes, and behaviors, such as collaboration, critical thinking, creative self efficacy, and empathy. We maintain an active network of cross-disciplinary researchers throughout the country and around the world and welcome inquiries about how we might collaborate with your organization.

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