In 2010, IBM conducted a worldwide survey of over 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries. The study found that chief executives believe – more than rigor, management discipline, integrity, or even vision – successfully navigating our increasingly complex world will require creativity.
– Roger Firestien, Ph.D.

As collaborative partners, Catalyst Muse acts as a bridge between what is and what is possible. We offer group facilitation, individual facilitation, plus research and evaluation services to empower our clients to find and solve problems, generate ideas and solutions, and gain fresh knowledge.

Opportunity And Transition Concept

Group Facilitation

When facing a difficult problem, how often has an idea been rejected outright, because it seemed strange or impractical? How often has a threat shut down potential instead of turning it into an opportunity?

Why does this happen? Why do people censor their most inspired ideas? Potential reasons include lack of time, few or no opportunities to speak up or reflect. It could be lack of trust or cooperation, or, something specific to the organizational culture or circumstance.

So, what would happen if you created a supportive, inclusive space in which your team could generate scores of new ideas ranging from far out to spot on? Ideas that popped up and inspired other ideas to emerge? Is it possible that logjams, conflicts, and stagnation could be resolved?

Catalyst Muse facilitators create an environment that is generative, fun, supportive, and super productive. We use processes refined over decades of study and practical application, including Creative Problem Solving and Process Drama, two remarkably flexible methods of shaking up the status quo and releasing from beneath the surface the most inspired, innovative thinking. Our facilitations are lively, surprising, and structured so that everyone in the room feels free to let their imagination roam and spark meaningful change.

Who seeks our Group Facilitation Services? Here are a few examples of many possible clients:

  • Development teams who seek innovation that leads to new and better products or services.
  • Organizations facing leadership transition without a succession plan.
  • Manufacturing or supply chain leaders with unidentified or known issues that impede sales, distribution, customer satisfaction.
  • Organizations that experience diminishing or low growth in audiences, members, funders, donors, or participants.
  • Government agencies seeking to expand or improve public knowledge of available services.
  • Parent groups or school districts developing guidelines and educational materials for issues such as bullying, excess use of technology, or drug education.
  • Communities that experience high crime, low volunteerism, lack of opportunities for youth, or lack of an emergency preparedness plan.
  • Companies, organizations, civic groups, or any organized entity experiencing communication breakdowns, inability to collaborate, or other issues that effect the working environment.
  • Any group seeking to develop collaboration, empathy, and critical thinking skills among participants.
  • Any team in it for the long run that seeks new and better ways to increase efficiency and productivity.

If you have similar problems to solve or goals to advance, get in touch!

Power Of Ideas

Individual Facilitation

Catalyst Muse guides clients to bring creative products to fruition. We offer a range of customized services. For example, we partner with writers in manuscript development, pre-publication book plans, and publisher and agent research.  We provide sounding boards for performing artists, inventors, program and curriculum specialists, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. We listen and ask questions that help our clients explore and articulate their own ideas, so that they dissolve the barriers that stand between their ideas and the marketplace.

Network Connection Success

Research and Evaluation

The Catalyst Muse approach to inquiry is based in the science of ecosystems, in which all things interact, influence, and inform each other directly or indirectly. So while a research question might focus on one aspect of a system, we collect data from the center outward so that our clients gain multidimensional insight, knowledge, and answers to their questions from a broader field of related and relevant information.

Our senior research team has worked together for almost a decade, beginning at the Centers for Research on Creativity (CRoC) with the late Dr. James Catterall, whose groundbreaking research in arts education and policy influenced generations of scholars, practitioners, and youth. Catalyst Muse maintains an active network of researchers across fields and disciplines throughout the country and around the world.

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