When it’s clear that something needs to be different, but it’s not clear how or when, or even why, Catalyst Muse helps you navigate change.

We don’t provide answers. We help you discover them. 

A mainstay of this work is Creative Problem Solving (CPS), a structured yet fluid process that works across many arenas.

Why do clients seek our services?
  • solve a sticky problem
  • plan leadership succession
  • re/envision the future 
  • develop guiding research questions
  • develop & expand creative capacity 
  • negotiate conflict 
  • restructure an organization 
  • articulate strategic visions and intentions
  • design and plan ethnographic research
  • engage a community
  • assess a program or system’s effectiveness
  • find the problem

Kim is an excellent facilitator. She is an empathetic and thoughtful listener, who understands the needs of the client. She brings creativity, talent, and knowledge to the service of the client’s goal. She is truly a catalyst muse!

Nadia A.

Professor, Universidad Central
Bogota, Colombia

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