Lessons from Shakespeare's Classroom

With lyricism and wit, Robin Lithgow takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the classrooms that cultivated Shakespeare and his generation of genius. Published by Routledge, Dec. 2022

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...we have wandered far afield of the core purpose of education, which, yet again, is for the benefit of the commonwealth: the training up of citizens with the courage to think creatively and critically, to problem solve, and to exhibit what the famous 16th-century pedagogue, Richard Mulcaster, would have called good behavior and audacity.

Arts, Evaluation and Assessment

Book Chapter, A Step In the Right Direction: Early Lessons from a Longitudinal Study of Dance Education as a Developmental Catalyst. Published in 2017 by Palgrave McMillan in Arts Evaluation and Assessment: Measuring Impact in Schools and Communities (Rajan R., Chand-O’Neal I., ed.)

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“None of us are perfect, but all over the place in every community and field of endeavor, there are people who are working generatively with the challenges before us; meeting them, rising to their best human capacities — at least on their good days — and creating new possibilities and realities. They’re not publicized, they’re not investigated, but that landscape is as real and important as that landscape of everything we can point out as failing and corrupt and catastrophic. “

~ Krista Tippett
journalist, author, and entrepreneur