Beyond the Bridge

Beyond the Bridge, the film, will be posted here after festival rounds.

Response & Recognition

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I have just sat outside on a lovely sunny and warm Friday afternoon in London and watched your film. It is really lovely and emotional. You have captured in such a moving way (and less than 15 minutes!) all the impacts of the arts — personal, social, cultural, emotional, physical, economic, catalytic … wonderful. 
~ Dr. Anne Bamford, Strategic Director of Education, Culture and Skills for the City of London

It was so inspiring to see a town that understands the importance of art and community!
~ Lisa Desimini, book author, illustrator

I just got back to Flint from creating art in Detroit, and came home to this email. The film is beautiful.
Much thanks and appreciation!
∼ Pauly Everett, Muralist

I absolutely LOVED this documentary so much, it is so powerful and moving. I feel at times it’s easy to forget what an impact we can have as artists, but this was the reminder I needed!!
~ Sophie Ilys, musician, entrepreneur 

Beyond the Bridge is a beautiful film and you should be very proud of such a successful maiden voyage.
~ Stuart Kazanow,
Director of Acquisitions, Maryland Public Television

What a touching and inspiring celebration of community and creativity. if only the rest of the world could come together. Wonderful job.
~ Matt Mahurin, artist, filmmaker, author, illustrator


Beyond the Bridge tells the story of Akumal, a community on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Existing  in the shadows of tourist meccas Cancun and Tulum, Akumal was a divided community, until local leaders brainstormed a mural project that changed their collective future forever. 

Rags & Machines

How does music change the emotional experience of a film or video?
Rags & Machines was presented at the 2017 TRANSPORT Literary Festival ‘Music as Narrative’ panel   
Topanga, California.

Concept + Video Kim Zanti
Editor Marshall McDaniel
Panel Moderator Marshall McDaniel
Composers (in order heard) Duncan Thum, Ceiri Torjussen, Marshall McDaniel, Lisbeth Scott

“None of us are perfect, but all over the place in every community and field of endeavor, there are people who are working generatively with the challenges before us; meeting them, rising to their best human capacities — at least on their good days — and creating new possibilities and realities. They’re not publicized, they’re not investigated, but that landscape is as real and important as that landscape of everything we can point out as failing and corrupt and catastrophic. “

~ Krista Tippett
journalist, author, and entrepreneur