We need stories as much as we need food and water.  We need creativity, too — new and useful ideas that catalyze change. 
There are so many people working creatively to contribute to a better world.
Catalyst Muse is inspired by their stories, and the purpose of the blog is to share them
~ Kim Zanti, Founder & Director, Catalyst Muse

Before You Make Up Your Mind

Growing up in Maryland, our family crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge every summer on the way to the beach. I didn’t think about how the structure, more than four miles long, withstood wind, rain, and

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The Moment When Everything Falls Apart

While preparing to direct a short documentary about the Akumal Arts Festival in Mexico, I faced a pivotal moment. Icy fear coated my gut. The ghost of low self esteem screamed, You f***’d up!!! You

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A Lab for the Spirit by Oleg Kagan

After we worked so well together in the Creativity Lab, Joe Gutesha, center, served as the line producer for my documentary on creative placemaking in Akumal, Mexico. Here he is collecting a media release signature

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