Risk, The Foundation for Growth

Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash

I had a great time on the Idea Gym podcast with Tanya & Rachel talking about risk taking. It’s the foundational Creative Thinking Skill that causes us to bite our nails, fear the worst, worry without end. What happens when we embrace risk and move through it? Listen in to the podcast for insights and ideas. ~ KgZ

“None of us are perfect, but all over the place in every community and field of endeavor, there are people who are working generatively with the challenges before us; meeting them, rising to their best human capacities — at least on their good days — and creating new possibilities and realities. They’re not publicized, they’re not investigated, but that landscape is as real and important as that landscape of everything we can point out as failing and corrupt and catastrophic. “

~ Krista Tippett
journalist, author, and entrepreneur